Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's taken a week, but I've finally done it. I'm back at the weight I was the day I left for Nebraska a few weeks ago. I got home last Thursday, and the next morning when I got on the scale, I nearly toppled over. In just seven short days, six pounds had gone on. I attribute the gain to the retention of fluid. I ate so differently in Nebraska than I do when I'm home alone. For example, I ate a delicious homemade bagel every morning for breakfast. At home, I have half of an average bagel, and that's it. I was eating spaghetti, pizza, barbeque sandwiches and the like, and add to that the desserts I partook of, and there you have it. Thank goodness I didn't actually overeat. This kind of fluid retention just takes seven days to retract.
At this point, I'd like to keep up this regime and get at least six more pounds off before I head for China in October. It's looking like I may be going alone. My friend Dianne Pelzer's husband is going through the same kind of tests that Ray had three years ago. It feels almost like deja vu, so weird.. The good news this morning was that the insurance I bought covers this kind of thing, and I won't have to pay extra to go as a single. Six other singles are also going on this particular tour, so who knows what adventures await me. I launch myself into the future...
I hope all goes well with everybody I saw on this Nebraska trip. I loved seeing you and catching up and oh, the grandchildren!! There were so many cute little guys to take pictures of. I enjoyed my trip down memory lane, and I look forward now to this China trip. I'll tell you about it. Til then, Linda