Monday, June 30, 2008

Round Two

I got on the scale this morning and was grateful to see that I'm back at square one. I'm the same weight I was on the first day of this month of June. It's been a major struggle all month to get the three pounds that I put on when my friend Mary Lou came to visit and my brother's family was here for a birthday treat. Why does it go on so easily and come off so horribly slowly and hard? I wish it weren't so, but it seems to be.

My strategies all month have been to divert my attention to other things. Today, as you can see in the photo, I joined a group of beaders. The amethyst chip necklace I got as a promotion from Coldwater Creek, and the earrings and bracelet I made today. I couldn't believe it when I went to Michael's and found the exact same kind of stones. I will wear this set with pleasure.

Another diversion has been my crocheting. The blanket has grown tremendously, and I'm nearly 2/3 through. I'm still enjoying my husband's classical CDs, but over last weekend I switched to listening to a book on CD. This, too, was very pleasurable, and I plan to spend more time doing this kind of thing.

Curves is also back on my agenda almost daily during the week. Three weeks ago, I started back after six weeks off because of an injury to my left upper arm and shoulder. It feels good to be on the circuit again, and quickly my tone and my stamina have returned.

At this point, I'm praying that I can edge down int he coming month. The last two months, I've ended up even. I consider this Round Two and am ready to put on my boxing gloves if necessary to make headway. I'm going to China in October, and I'd really like to be about eight pounds lighter by then. Please wish me luck in my intentions. I'd love to hear how the rest of you are faring.... 'Til later, Linda

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summertime Pitfalls

Summertime has begun for me with pitfalls galore. The crocheting has been wonderful, and it's occupied me and kept me from the kitchen, but a visit from my old friend Mary Lou threw my normal eating regime into a tailspin. She came over to Lake Charles for two nights and three days, and I introduced her to the cuisines of Louisiana and fell into the pit... We enjoyed not only crawfish delicacies (I actually had steak), but the desserts that go with them. I hadn't had a dessert in months, but these were to die for, as she said. Anyway, a week later, I've gotten on the scale and note that I have three pounds to get back off again. Oh well....back to the drawing board. Sometimes I think we need these kinds of reprieves from the daily grind of dieting to make a go of it all of the other many days that the offerings are rather lean.

By the way, the irregular eating went on for a few days after Mary Lou went back home. I helped host a prewedding party for a young couple who got married on Saturday. The rich foods involved with those parties also have caused this weight gain. Then Sunday I attended the Lotus and Bamboo Festival in Port Arthur, Texas. There I tried the Vietnamese cuisine. All of these unusual bites going into my system have resulted in my weight gain this week. Wish me well as I finally get back to Curves after an injury to my left arm six weeks ago and get back on the wagon. I'll be talkin' to you, Linda